What if my order or item is a PREORDER, when will it ship?
**Due to ongoing manufacturing and supply chain delays, all ESTIMATED PREORDER SHIP DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE FOR A VARIETY OF UNFORESEEN REASONS. All PREORDERS will ship as quickly as possible and if there is a significant delay with fulfillment, we will attempt to notify you if updated information is available.

    • If your item or order is a PREORDER it will ship out on the estimated ship date listed in the item name or on the item image in the webstore. If no ship date is listed it will be processed as soon as possible.
    • If your PREORDER contains items with different ship dates, your order will ship out on the date that the last item is available for shipment.
    • If your PREORDER contains extra items (non-PREORDER), everything will ship out together on your PREORDER ship date.

    Can I change my size?
    If your order has not been processed or shipped and we have the size you've requested in-stock, we can typically get that taken care of for you. If you included the item & size you need to change to in your original email, we'll work to make that happen. If it cannot, we'll let you know.

    Some items in my order have not shipped yet?
    Some orders contain items that are manufactured per order and sourced from multiple vendors. Please check your order confirmation email, if the item(s) in your email indicate *THIS ITEM WILL SHIP SEPARATELY* then you will receive a separate shipment email confirmation when the item(s) are processed. Please note processing from some vendors may take additional weeks in some cases, thank you for your patience.

    Can I cancel an order?
    If we receive your request to cancel an order before it ships, we will cancel the order. If the order has already shipped, the order cannot be cancelled. At that point you would need to return the item for a refund (refunds only cover the cost of the items purchased, not shipping).

    Why won't my payment go through?
    Double check your info, making sure that the Billing Address you're entering exactly matches with that the card company or Paypal has on file for you. You may need to call the customer service # on the back of your card to verify your info if you continue to have issues. Some Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards require registration before online purchases can be made with them.


    Do you accept orders from outside the USA?
    Yes, we do accept international orders. We will notify you via email if we do not ship to your country. We are not responsible for orders lost or mishandled by foreign postal carriers nor any additional customs or duties charges which may be applied by your country of residence.

    *UPS Worldwide Economy DDP (Duties & Taxes Paid) - This shipping method includes the pre-payment of all duties and taxes due for delivery. Customers who choose this ship method have the advantage of no extra duties or taxes due upon delivery and overall faster customs clearance.

    UPS Worldwide Economy (without DDP) and all USPS International services do not include any possible duty or tax due and any additional tax or duties fees will be the responsibility of the customer to arrange and pay prior to delivery.